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What is fashion for you

Posted by Sashalee Solis on

Fashion has been always the stereo type that everything must be whats in, new or trending and that ok but my question has always been what is fashion for people, what is fashion for you? 

Fashion has many turning points it's versital in it's own way the diversity in fashion is truly infinate, know my point of view is that fashion is a vibe, a feeling a way of expressing what you feel.

For example; have you ever woken up in the morning and feel like doing nothing at all but have a full day of work to be done. The question is what are you going to wear you look at your closet and all that you feel like wearing is mom jeans and an over sized tee now what are you reflecting with your outfit you just want to chill out and nothing more the more comfortable the better. Another example is those days where you feel sexy thats wear you want to put your most sexy outfit and make the street your runway all eyes on you.

Know with my point of view being sed, how do you see fashion? Many people just love the chic vibes others the emo dark side of fashion either way it is still fashion and it is still an expression, the vibes that make you dress by the way you feel. So always remember this trend your vibes as our slogan says because the vibes you feel is the trend you want.

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