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The Frustration of a Boutique Owner

Posted by Sashalee Solis on

You Know being a boutique ower is'nt that easy as you think, having a boutique weather it's online or a fisical store sometimes can be frustrating, I can talk about my point of view and experiance as an online boutique owner and it's not that simple as many think.

Starting an online boutique is quite dificult finding the right eCommerce platform, finding the right apps, thinking about the niech you want and where you can get you suppliers can be a big hassel, and after you have all you need to launch your store the real  struggle begins, what is the struggle that you are going to face well simple make the sales, you know there is a lot of competition going around especially for boutiques, and finding the trends that sell is pretty tough work.

Online stores have been a big boom for the pas few years and this has been the new IN for many but creating a boutique that will give you the numbers you want in your bank account aint an easy job having an online store means making small investments to make it grow but the thing that 99.9% of the people don't tell you is that this is a win or lose game.

 An onine store is not only the merchandise and the good pricing it also finding the perfect apps that will help you make you store rank position and get traffic, sometimes this can be a big pain since most of the people open online stores with the greatest ideas but fail because being cybernetic is not there strong part and paying for help can be a big turn down for many.

Marketing your Online store can also be painful since monthly you end up paying lots of money and  don't recieve the renevue you wanted or expected from your store.             

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