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Small Business and Covid-19

Posted by Sashalee Solis on

Covid-19 has been an invisable enemy world wide and has affected everyone economically especially small businesses, The extreme measures that have been taken to safe millions of lives are efecting all businesses the economical status world wide has drop in a way never seened before and trying to keep a business running with all that is happining is very dificult.

I belive that this time is going to be a game changer for online store owners likes myself since at this time we are all social distancing and people are more aware and take care of themselves more.
Even though it"s a struggle running an online business since there is still slight fear about the online shopping, over that years it has become a new business stragity for many business owner out there and people come to feel more confortable in shopping from home,
Today this virus know has Covid-19 has changed everything with out anybody noticing it and for small business owner's it has been slightly dificult because turning there business around and introducing it to the cyber world is not that easy at it seems, Creating an online store has lots of angles to put together for example look for the best platform that would soot your online store like for example Shopify, E-commerce, etc. is not an easy job since you have to see which of these platforms give you what you at the budget you have, as well as look for sales marketing and much more.
Covid-19 has made the world change in the past few days I saw the News and it was interesting to see how the world was greener thanks to the images taken from outer space, how polution is less and how the earth is recovering from all the damage we have done.
All the steps that you have to take is social media is something that must be studied and go in baby steps since the social media world wait a lot from what you have to offer and everybody has access to social media platforms and it can be frustrating at times.
Being a business owner and look for strategies that will work perfectly with your business is quite the homework and the cyber world is quite big. One thing to keep in mind is the competition thats out there in the niche you choose to work with.
But never back down in what you want to do and always sorce out information that can help you with your online store building you can never get to much information and is always good to learn more.

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