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Online VS Brick and Morter

Posted by Sashalee Solis on

So I am in my first year with my online boutique and know I am soon to start a new journey with my boutique.

I am going to soon have a brick and Morter store right at home, it has been stressful yet exciting since it has been something that I have been wanting to do for years. Being a business owner is not an easy task and finding what customers like and feel atracted to niether.

The times have changed and everyday there are more online boutiques than B&M, but in my case I have noticed something theres still a slight tabu when it comes to shopping online, I have learned that people are still feeling insecure to shop online and prefer to buy directly in the store this is what has motivated me more in open a B&M store since people prefer to try on the clothing before buying them.

Its dificult to find the way to help people fell secure in shopping with you online and I am still working on finding the way to do so. 

Likely do I know that theres a lot of competion out there but yet I am not making the desicion to back down on making my online boutique work. 

I believe that we all should give small business a chance not all small business are scams and offer to the public good quality products that are sure to be loved.

Covid-19 has been a good yet bad thing people have been searching to find good online stores where they will feel secure when shopping and more and more stores are being created since the months are passing and the covid-19 situation has not yet finished, most buisiness owners have been dealing with lock downs and the mail system has been running late since the traffic has been high.

So I do invite you to give me and other small business owners a chance.

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