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Jumpsuits and Rompers

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Everywhere  you go you see that there are many fashion store and boutiques that offer a wide selection of jumpsuits and rompers.

In this topic I want to talk about how you can have fun and create your own styles and outfits with this type of clothing, these outfits have a diversity of ways you can use them and create the most fun and unique styles.

Lets begin with jumpsuits, now jumpsuits come in different styles to choose from and there are many ways to style them as well, jumpsuits come in flair leg, skinny leg and palazzo and some come in a more sexy style then others.

Flaired Leg jumpsuit can be worn with flats to get the perfect relaxed look just add a bohiemian purse and a jean jacket and your all set, but if you are looking for a more high end look, syle your flaired leg jumpsuit with some platforms and accessories which can be large earrings or a statement necklace that will complete the style your going for.

Skinny Leg jumpsuits can be worn with flats, heels or even tennis shoes, you can pair up you skinny leg jumpsuit with a pair of flat sandles and get the relax look and some large earring and bracelet and your ready to go, now if you looking for a more sexy yet sporty look you can get you favorite pair of sneakers o chuncky platform sneakers some large hoop earring and you've got the perfect fun sporty relaxed look but yet again you can turn it up a notch and style that same jumpsuit with some super sexy heels a clutch purse and accesories and good to go for a night at the club.

Palazzo jumpsuits now with this jumpsuit theres two great ways to style it up the first is the boho look which is with a great pair of flat sandles large earrings and the perfect boho purse and you got the look every one will love, now if you love platforms you can go for a great pair of platforms and you've just change your outfit completly and a jean jacket add your ready to go.

Now my personal favorite Rompers, rompers are more diverse than jumpsuits why? ok for rompers you can go from sporty boho to stylish diva in a second and create even more looks with rompers you can style them with flats and get a chic boho vibe going or get your favorite sneakers and get a sporty more relaxed look now if your looking for a club or night look here is where the real fun beings depending on the style of the romper that you plan to where you can style it up with platforms of sexy heels you can bring it up depending on the look your going for if it's a relaxed night out par it with platforms a shall or jacket and a large handbag now if it's for the club most defenetly go with the sexy heels a clutch handbag and accessories and your ready to go.

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