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Fashion Trends

Posted by Sashalee Solis on

In the past months we have seen how the trends have changed in a drastic way this summer one of the most popular trends has been the Neon Colors this trend has made a big BOOM in 2019 we have seen neon colors everywhere from tops, pants,sets evan handbags and shoes and not only that we have been seeing thae come back of animal print which was an big eye catcher a few years back now has anybody notice that one trend that seemed to be in the past and is now back in action has been the famous flair leg or as many call the the bell bottoms now this style is beeing seen alot since late 2018 through 2019 and is coming with a bang since fashionistas have found an incredible way of incorporating this style of Jeans or Pants to the modern outfits for example Jumpsuits or two piece sets. Lets see what the fall/winter insperations bring this year hopefully they will be as much fashion fun has it has been the past spring /summer styles..

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