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Covid Effects

Posted by Sashalee Solis on

Business has not been that easy thanks to the Covid-19 situation, thing have litarally have taking a huge turn around for some business owners it has been there moment of growing strong has for others it has been a down key.

I believe it is important to support small businesses like Miss Vibe Boutique since it is a struggle to survive in this huge jungle of a business the world growing a business in the middle of a pandemic situation is even worse.

All businesses are taking there strong procautions to take not only of our employees but also of our customers that take the time to shop with us.

In this time us business owners have struggled with suppliers and shipping issues do to this pandemic everthing has been delayed and is running late and trying to run your business in a flowing manner is dificult since there are thing that are out of your hand to deal with and sometime customers can get fisty about it.

But there has been a little good in all of this, and that is that Miss Vibes Boutique will soon have a Brick and Mator store in Puerto Rico where all our clients can visit our store and see all the products we offer. 

We are working hard to prepare for the big day but also preparing to recive our clients with all the safety measures as posible since we do not want to expose anybody to this invisable enemy that we have been fighting with for months 

We invite you to visit our online boutique at and get the latest trends delivered at the comfort of your home so that you can enjoy all the fashion trends that you love with out risking anything 

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